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Cheryl Suwardi, Instrumental Music Teacher

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Instrumental Technique and Music

Practice with a metronome at home by using to learn rhythmic accuracy.


Violin, Viola, Cello, and - These websites are great resources for intermediate and advanced music students filled with technical studies, articles, and music.

Arban Trumpet Method Book - This standard book for trumpet technique is available online by clicking the link.  Every trumpet player should know and use this book.


Making Music Fun - This website has a good selection of free sheet music for students at the beginner, easy, and intermediate levels, composer worksheets, music theory worksheets, practice charts, staff paper, and other resources you can print as well as a library of resources including information about composers and the orchestra. - This website also has a good selection of free sheet music for band and orchestra instruments.



Music History

Classics for Kids- Learn more about composers, classical music, and instruments. This site includes games and interactive learning tools. It was created by Naxos, one of the well-respected classical music CD companies. Highly recommended for learning more about music history and hearing famous compositions!


DSO Kids - Play music games, learn more about composers, and listen to music in this interactive website created by the Dallas Symphony.

LA Phil Philpedia - Learn about classical music and musicians in this very detailed online encyclopedia.  


Keeping Score - PBS program created by Michael Tilson Thomas with the San Francisco Symphony about classical composers and their music. You can watch episodes, read about the music, and use a timeline/map to learn more about composers from 1775-1950. Highly recommended for older students!


Instrument History - The Vienna Symphonic Library website has instrument history information about the orchestral string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. To access this information, click on the family of instruments, choose your instrument, and then find the "History" tab.


Music Theory

· allows you to learn more about music theory, the written language of music. You can read about music theory topics (lessons), play music theory games (exercises), and print your own staff paper (tools).


G Major Music Theory has a variety of music theory lessons.  This comprehensive site offers worksheets and virtual flashcards to learn music theory topics.


Music Activities


Making Music Fun coloring pages and music arcade games.

Music Dictionary


Use Virginia Tech's music dictionary to look up musical terms and markings.


Music Advocacy

Support Music - Learn why the arts are vital to every child's education and how you can take action to support them.


Here is a speech from composer Jack Stamp about the value of music in students' lives.


Here  is an article about the importance of music education and keeping students involved.  I highly recommend reading it.


Also see our past newsletters for music advocacy information focusing on how music helps students develop their minds, interpersonal skills, and kinesthetic abilities.

Places to Visit

The Musical Instrument Museum is a one-of-a-kind gem in the world of music. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, it holds the largest collection of instruments in the world. The second floor includes galleries of instruments from each continent organized by country. Using a wireless headset, you can hear music of these instruments and see videos while you look at the instruments themselves. The first floor includes an artist gallery with famous contemporary musicians' instruments and the experience gallery where guests can play the instruments for themselves. Concerts and special presentations are offered most days for additional experiences. It is well worth the drive or flight to Phoenix to see this outstanding museum!

The Museum of Making Musicis my favorite museum in Southern California.  It is located in Carlsbad, CA and includes a collection of instruments used throughout American history and plenty of instruments to try.  They host concerts, workshops, and events throughout the year.



Northwest Indiana and Chicago

Southern California

Tuba Christmas- Tuba and euphonium/baritone players are invited to perform in this holiday tradition. All are invited to hear this annual concert.


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