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Cheryl Suwardi, Instrumental Music Teacher

Highland, IN ~ 219-690-8945

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Music Lessons
 Music lessons enable students to maximize potential and develop musicianship.


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Music is the source of endless possibilities and personal expression as well as enjoyment, self-esteem, self-expression, and academic benefits.  Now is the perfect time to begin learning a new instrument or continuing to learn an instrument you already play.


Our private lessons enable students to learn the fundamentals of technique, tone production, musicianship, and expression in an individual one-on-one setting as well as performance, music theory, composition, improvisation, music history, and world music.  Lessons are customized to fit each student’s level, goals, and needs.  Lessons are available for students learning new instruments as well as students who currently play an instrument. 


Private lessons are available on a variety of string, woodwind, brass, and keyboard instruments including violin, clarinet, flute, viola, cello, alto saxophone, trumpet, baritone, oboe, piano, guitar, and mandolin taught by an experienced instrumental music specialist.


Perhaps college music professors Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and Dr. Charles Menghini explain the benefits of lessons best.  They state, “One of the most important ways to improve as a musician is through private lessons.  There is no substitute for weekly  sessions of instruction by an instrument specialist.”


Lesson tuition  is reasonably priced, and the benefits of the lessons are incredibly valuable.


If your child would like to begin learning an instrument but he or she does not know which one, you are invited to schedule an instrument introduction session in which your child can try a variety of instruments, choose one, ask questions, and receive helpful tips about starting lessons.