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Cheryl Suwardi, Instrumental Music Teacher

Highland, IN ~ 219-690-8945

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Share the joy of music with your young one!
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This class, designed for ages 0-4, features kid-friendly music by famous composers, learning folk songs, playing and seeing instruments, and singing.  The classes are fun, educational, and engaging.  Participating is a great way to introduce your child to music, orchestral instruments, world music, and composers.  Parents participate, and siblings are invited to participate too.


Typically, our class lesson plan includes:

  • Warm-Up, Singing, and Percussion Accessories:  During this time, we sing children's songs and play percussion.  Some time is dedicated to learning how to perform with a steady beat and a variety of rhythms.
  • Music History  and/or World Music:  We learn about one or more famous composers' pieces and/or instruments based on the week's theme.  Students hear music performed by professional musicians, can try instruments, and perform their own instrumental and/or vocal music based on the theme.
  • Instrumental Performance:  A portion of the class is dedicated to learning piano, percussion, Native American flutes and percussion, and/or Indonesian angklung. 
  • Holiday themes are incorporated throughout the year. 


Classes meet weekly at my studio.  Typically, teachers charge $10-$20 per class, but I offer free toddler group classes so all children can benefit from music instruction.  We would love to have your family join us! 


Did you know that Mozart played the violin, viola, and piano as a young child?


Today, he is known not only as a great composer, but also a child prodigy for the instruments he played!


Studies show that children who participate in music do better in school than their non-music participating counterparts.  Music makes brain wave connections that simply cannot be made any other way and uses the entire brain.  Joining our class will enable your child to have fun and benefit intellectually.