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Cheryl Suwardi, Instrumental Music Teacher

Highland, IN ~ 219-690-8945

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Lessons Policies
The following policies will be used for our lessons and classes.  When you take lessons or classes from me, your consent to these policies is required.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  I would be happy to discuss them.

·         Tuition:  Lessons are $30 per half hour, $45 per forty-five minutes, or $60 per hour for lessons paid monthly that take place at my studio.  A 10% discount is given to families who purchase all lessons in the quarter together.  You can pay for your lessons using check, cash, or PayPal.  There is a $5 fee if you choose to pay for monthly lessons using PayPal or a $10 fee if you choose to pay for quarterly lessons using PayPal.  Tuition is due at or before the last lesson prior to the new month or quarter of lessons.  (See due dates listed below.) 

·         Cancellations:  If you need to cancel a lesson, please give me as much notice as possible.  24 hours notice is required to make-up the lesson or carry it over to the next set of lessons.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, the lesson may not be made up or carried over except in the event of illness or emergency.  Please cancel your lesson if you are sick.  This will help keep the other families and me healthy.  If you become sick and know 24 hours in advance, please cancel then.  If you become sick after that, you can cancel your lesson anytime up to its start time and make it up when you are well again.

·         Lesson Scheduling:  Please keep accurate records of your lesson time(s) and dates.  In the event that you forget about a lesson, the cancellation policy applies.

·         Late Arrival:  If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please call me so I wait for you.  After 10 minutes without a phone call, I may not be available to teach your lesson, and the lesson cannot be made up.

·         Continuation of Lessons:  Once you are on my schedule, I assume that you are taking lessons until I hear otherwise. In fact, most successful music students take lessons for several, if not many, years. However, if the time comes for you to advance or move on, I do require a thirty-day advance notice in writing. This will allow you to finish out our current curriculum, and I can arrange my schedule accordingly.  Tuition is required for the last month.  Any remaining lessons will be held on your account for 6 months after the last lesson, at which time they will be forfeited if unused.  There will be no refunds.  Please carefully plan your schedule so that you pay only for lessons you will take.  I am always available to listen to your concerns.  Please keep me informed so we can resolve any matters that may arise.