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Cheryl Suwardi, Instrumental Music Teacher

Highland, IN ~ 219-690-8945

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Taught by a cello teacher with a masters degree in music education, strings emphasis


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The cello is the second to largest and lowest string instrument. It usually plays the bass line or sonorous solos with a beautiful, rich tone and limited opportunities to squeak. Its full name is violoncello. The cello rests on the floor with an end pin. Its strings are C, G, D, and A. While they are the same strings as the viola, the cello is one octave (eight notes) lower than the viola. The cello reads bass clef.
Nearly every famous composer has written music for the cello including:


Famous cellists include Pablo Casals, Leonard Rose, Janos Starker, Bernard Greenhouse, Yo Yo Ma, and Chia-Ling Chien.


Famous composers who were also cellists include Luigi Boccherini and Jacques Offenbach.


You can listen to the cello by clicking here. You can learn more about cello history here. You can learn more about early string instruments here.


Beginning Cello Lessons

Cello lessons begin with learning the parts of the instrument and bow, proper holding position, pizzicato technique, and arco technique. As you progress, you will begin learning scales, more challenging method book studies, solos, and/or ensemble pieces. Throughout your studies, you will have opportunities to perform at concerts and participate in fun programs. Lessons are personalized for each student to fit his or her goals and needs.


Since cellos are sized to fit the player, almost any age can learn this versatile instrument.


"We both love to be learning from you. . . You are such a great, inspirational teacher."

~Adult cello student and parent of a 4th grade cello student
"Mrs. Suwardi made music such a fun and wonderful experience for me. I now love playing the cello, and I hope to pursue my passion throughout my high school years."
~ 6th Grade Student